March 2019 Minutes

The PerfectPartner


 The PerfectPartner is a tool that helps students practice more efficiently and effectively. It is also a fantastic teaching/learning tool during lessons! The PP (Perfect Partner) was created by our very own Rachel and Jonathan Green!!! Learn more at 

Dance Laboratory


 We are currently looking to acquire space to call home! Somewhere that dancers can feel encouraged in their pursuit of knowledge and achievement in the dance world!  

Dancing is not cheap


 We are aware that pursing your goals can get pretty costly. We are constantly looking for ways to help dancers find training without having to empty their pocket book! We focus on building group instruction for all levels. This cuts cost by splitting it among the group. We host Speed Tryouts, which is speed dating for finding dance partners. With a partner you can split training expenses and practice more often! 

Speed Tryouts


 Our Speed Tryouts gather dancers from all around in search of partners! From practice to competing, whatever your interests are you can find a partner here! It is like speed dating for dance partners. You are given 5 minutes to meet with each participant and with each match you find, you have a 5-10 minute practice session. 



 We pride ourselves on having high quality instruction and being able to give students to any depth of training they wish! We currently have coaches that visit monthly to provide training to both staff and students. We are also working on creating a consistent workshop schedule! 

Performance Opportunities


 We are always looking for new opportunities for our students and staff to perform and practice their craft. Once a month students and staff travel to competitions throughout the United States, and showcases are hosted locally multiple times throughout the year! Contact your instructor for details.