March 2018 Minutes

Private Technique Classes


We have discussed the body mechanics and how they work in side, back, together, and forward steps. We have also discussed rotation; turning toward the ball of the foot versus towards the heel and how it effects our top. Now the class will focus on application in patterns through understanding the timing of mechanics. This is when things will start to really pay off!!

Practice Rounds


March 30th from 12-3pm we are having our first set of Practice Rounds. We are keeping it to 6 students max so that each student gets multiple rounds. This is our first time, and we plan to adapt the system to fit our needs as dancers. Practice Rounds are designed to focus on real life scenarios (people in your way on the floor, keeping your head up for audience, nerves, etc.). 

Group Communication -FB


We will be using Facebook to let everyone know when minutes are posted, any website updates, and reminders for coaches. We would also like for students to be able to share ideas that can help us continue to address everyones concerns and needs!

Website Calendar


This was much more difficult than I thought it would be. My understanding is that this is not a big concern for anyone, so I have put it on the back burner and I will get to it eventually. If that is not the case then let me know and I will prioritize it.

USA Dance


We are putting a competition on the schedule that is regulated by USA Dance. We want to get everyone‘s opinions on the organization and how much you enjoy the event. We are doing this because the NDCA has not been actively attempting to solve the problems in our industry and maybe USA Dance is addressing these concerns more so. But we won’t know until we try, so the more participation, the better. We will pick one that is close and let everyone know dates ASAP.



In rhythm we are focusing on ”hip tilt” and where it fits in terms of timing. 

 In smooth we are focusing on a relaxed but clear frame created through stretched spine and tilted head. Also creating rotation from bottom to top to change from closed to promenade.