June 2019 Minutes




Students responded with a lot of excitement about Their coaching with Igor Litvinov and Nazar Norov! We have Ilya Reyzin coming in June 6th and Jim Maranto on June 17th and 18th! Contact your instructor or the studio to schedule lessons! We are working on getting Nazar on a consistent schedule and continuing to bring in new coaches and the coaches requested back by students and staff.




We are going to be introducing new packages for students! By request, discounts will now be offered by bulk purchases as well. We will be emailing out the Packages and Policy updates via email. Be sure you are signed up on our emailing list.

Perfect Partner



What is it with this Perfect Partner thing? Why are people talking about it and what is it? Be sure to follow Perfect Partner on facebook and find out just what it is that everyone is getting all worked up over! To follow the Perfect Partner click here https://www.facebook.com/PerfectPartner-659399494477129/

Introducing Lou!!!



Louis Gillombardo has joined the Rachel and Jonathan Team! As many of you already know, Lou is now handling scheduling for all private lessons. He will also be scheduling coaching sessions, sending invoices, and handling the monthly newsletter. We are very luck and excited to have Louis on board! Along with handling many of the behind the scenes work, Louis will also be teaching private lessons and group classes. Louis has been dancing for over 30 years and brings experiences in a variety of dances and fitness programs.




We are looking to fill two positions within the Rachel and Jonathan organization. One apprenticeship learning all of the ins and outs of the ballroom world, leading to a full time position and one part time position as an assistant. Contact us today and send in your resume!