July 2018 Minutes

Private Technique Classes


 The class has been growing in both size and consistency. We now offer 3 classes a month (for scheduling contact Rachel). We want to add on more classes to give our students more and more chances to practice. That means we have to keep advertising it to other teachers, studios and students. This class helps anyone and everyone understand how their body works. From beginner to advanced, all can benefit!

Practice Rounds


 We will attempt to do practice rounds before Ohio Star Ball, but we have not had a huge response to these events. We believe ultimately these are a necessity, but it is too expensive if we don't get enough participation. We all need to make a little more effort to make these happen!

Practice Partners


In another attempt to get more practice time for students and less expenses on training, we are going to start connecting students with other students around their level to get together and practice. 

USA Dance


 We tried out a USA dance competition and were pleased! We are putting one of the bigger ones on our schedule and we would like to get as many people to go as possible (other instructors and their students as well). The NDCA keeps increasing charges but they are not solving the problems within the organization. We want to make it clear that we will go elsewhere if they don't do their job!

New Years Party


The local dance studios are getting together to throw one BIG New Years party! More information will be posted in next months minutes, but ask Jonathan if you have any concerns or questions until then!