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Rachel & Jonathan Ballroom Dance Instruction

 We are looking for hard working and dedicated individuals who want to have impact in their industry. If you are a dreamer, then this is where you belong. Be a part of a team that supports out of the box thinking and focuses on growth not just as an organization, but for the individuals within the organization.

 In order to make change in great ways, we require a skilled and passionate team. We are always looking for experienced professionals. Contact us today to speak with a Member and kick-start your career today.

 Employees within R&J BDI are always encouraged to climb the ladder of the company. Whether starting as an intern or dance instructor, we provide you with the tools you need to grow your career within our organization and the industry as a whole.

Current Employment Opportunities

 - Apprenticeship (this is training leading up to a full time position)

 - Summer Internships (paid position as part time assistant)