Feb 2018 Minutes

Competition / Small Technique Class


We have already seen success from the first set of classes! The next class is going to address different ways to turn. Once we understand turning we will be able to go through any step we would like. That's when it gets really fun!

Dancing to Music


Private lessons will mostly be used for getting in sync with your partner. We are working on using group classes for basic technique and drills. Within a few months I am hoping to introduce Practice Rounds, which will give us more opportunities to dance with music.

Practice Rounds


Once a month I would like to hire a DJ to play rounds of Smooth and Rhythm as we dance. This is so we can practice dancing to music, dancing with others on the floor, and dancing while others are watching. In order for this to work we need participation from other instructors and/or studios. We have quite a few on board already and hope to start soon.

Group Communication


Our goal is to create the best learning and training system possible, both fun and efficient. Then scrutinize and re-create an even better system. Working together is the best way to do that. For now, we made the Facebook group for us to be able to communicate and share opinions. If you have not been invited to the group please let us know and we will do so. If you do not have Facebook, it is free and easy to sign up. We would gladly help.

Website - Calendar


We should have the calendar up on the website in February. It will show competitions, group classes, and other miscellaneous events helpful to be aware of.

Finding Help


There are not many dancers or dance instructors that are actively trying to figure out the best way to learn and practice ballroom dancing. Past that, there are even fewer, if any at all, that are within an hour of us. That being said, we need to hire on help and we want to find someone who is qualified. We are hoping to get enough involvement throughout the year to be able to afford to do so.